Isadora Duncan said, ""All problems can be solved if one begins with the child."


Through isadoraNOW's dance outreach programs we work with organizations that target underserved children to ensure that those children have access to quality dance education. Through dance education, these children gain life-long skills that teach them perseverance and fortitude that will enhance every aspect of their lives including their education and future careers. 

Why dance?


Dance classes boost confidence, resilience, and poise. isadoraNOW's teachers follow curricula that promotes physical fitness, social and emotional awareness, cognitive development, and academic achievement. With lessons designed for specific age-groups and created to maximize fun and engagement, these classes encourage  children to become more active and involved participants in their classes at school, more creative problem solvers, and empathic friends. 

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For more information about isadoraNOW's outreach programs or to bring isadoraNOW teachers to your organization, email us at info@isadoranow.org or call (858) 617-0880.

Who are our teachers?