Who was Isadora Duncan?


The Mother of Modern Dance

Widely considered the mother of Modern Dance, Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) broke down the Ballet paradigm in western performance dance by creating a more expressive, personal, and individual performance art. She danced barefoot, in loose flowing tunics, to music not composed specifically for dance. A daring revolutionary in art and in life, Isadora sought a natural and organic form of movement. Her art was inspired by Ancient Greek and Renaissance art and imagery, and acknowledged gravity and weight.

Born and raised in California, Isadora traveled to Europe, where she danced on the most distinguished stages of her day. She also concentrated on educating children, teaching them not only about the art of dance, but how to bring their own creative energy into their lives. Isadora said “To dance is to live; what I want is a school of life.” She started three schools and her legacy continues as an oral tradition, passed from generation to generation.

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Isadora's Legacy

Duncan dance is an oral tradition passed on through generations. Isadora’s six protégés, often called the Isadorables, are usually considered the first generation of Duncan dancers. isadoraNOW is led by a fourth and fifth generation Duncan dancer. We pass on Isadora’s work to our dancers and our students as we were taught by our teachers and their teachers before them. Thus our direct lineage from Isadora is demonstrated through our classes and performances.

For more information about Isadora Duncan's legacy, visit: http://isadoraduncanarchive.org/

Who was Isadora Duncan?