The Movement of Motherhood

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When: Thursdays, 11 AM – 12 PM, starting January 9

Where: Java Mama, Scripps Ranch, Located in the Trader Joe’s Shopping Center
9880 Hibert Street
Suite E3
San Diego CA 92131

Cost: $15 per class; $50 for four classes

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Photo by Lauren Mirsky

Photo by Lauren Mirsky

About the class: 

As women, society is constantly pushing us to focus on our bodies, our weight, and how we present ourselves to the world.  During pregnancy and after childbirth, the bodies we have known for most of our adult lives are drastically changed.  Couple that with exhaustion, breast-feeding (if you are breast-feeding), the endless attention the baby requires, and of course, the pressure and desire to lose baby weight, and it is easy to feel insecure, lonely, and discouraged.  As we try to return to our normal lives, our relationships with our partners (physical and otherwise), and our physical activities, we often find that our abilities and desires have changed.  It is easy to forget about that we are strong, powerful, beautiful bodies.  This Isadora Duncan dance-based movement workshop is intended to help women rediscover the beauty of their bodies and begin again to move with confidence, intention and pride.  Through simple movement exercises which require no previous dance experience, women will be able to reconnect with their physical selves, bond with other mothers, and find their own voice in a body that sometimes seems entirely devoted to another person.  The class will be open to mothers and babies, but the focus will be on the mother.

Isadora Duncan’s dance technique is particularly appropriate to such a workshop because Isadora developed her technique throughout her life as her own body changed.  Many of her movements focus on moving with strength but grace, with confident sexuality, and help to connect people to one another.

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