Virtual rehearsal

To give you a sense of how our current rehearsal process works, this is my window into isadoraNOW rehearsal these days.  I can see them and talk to them.  They see me, sitting in my office in California, with a small space in which to dance, so I can demonstrate things for them.  It’s challenging, but it works.  And sometimes this vantage is actually very inspiring.

I’ve mentioned what a challenge this process is for me, but let me take a moment to praise those who are willing to collaborate with me on this project.  First, I could NEVER manage any of this and isadoraNOW would not continue to thrive if it were not for the fabulous leadership and hard work of Raleigh Veach.  The virtual rehearsal process could never work if there was not a knowledgeable and strong leader in the room to translate, tweak and demonstrate.

Each of the isadoraNOW dancers should take pride and ownership in this process as well.  There are not too many dancers who would willingly partake in this unusual choreographic experience and they do so with gusto.  They bear with us through technological issues and help us solve movement problems constantly.  Raleigh and I are both grateful to them for their collaboration.

I will continue to document this process as we approach our performance in February.  Please feel free to respond and share your thoughts about technology and dance.